1. What are the conditions for using Vouchers?

• Book 2 nights for 2 guests in a Standard room with breakfast included from Sunday to Thursday
• Book 1 night for 2 guests in a Standard room with breakfast included on Fridays, Saturdays, eves of public holidays and public holidays
• Vouchers are valid exclusively to obtain a discount on any date at Pousada Castelo de Óbidos, Pousada do Porto, Pousada de Lisboa, Pousada Alfama, Pousada Convento de Tavira and Pousada Convento de Évora

• Vouchers are valid exclusively to obtain a discount, on any date

2. Are there any special times when I can´t use a Voucher for a night´s stay?
Yes, but they can always be used to obtain a discount:
1 April to 30 September
15 December to 2 January
Easter (Wednesday to Sunday)

3. Can I use a voucher to make a booking for more than 2 guests?
If you prefer to make a booking for more than 2 guests per room or in a room other than a Standard one, the Voucher will be valid exclusively to obtain a discount.

4. What does being able to use a Voucher to obtain a discount mean?
At times or at Pousadas and Hotels where the Voucher can´t be used for a night´s stay, you can use your it by deducting the face value of the Voucher from the flexible rate. When booking, the amount to be paid will automatically appear once the value of the Voucher has been deducted.
Premium Check-in: €149
Luxury: €199
50-year Gold: €399

5. Which Pousadas and Hotels in Portugal accept the Voucher?

NORTHERN REGION:Pousada do Porto | Pousada Mosteiro de Guimarães | Pousada de Viana do Castelo | Pousada Mosteiro de Amares | Pousada da Caniçada | Pousada de Valença do Minho | Pousada de Bragança

CENTRAL REGION: Pousada Serra da Estrela | Pousada Viseu | Pousada da Ria

LISBON: Pousada de Lisboa | Pousada Alfama| Pousada Palácio de Queluz | Pousada Castelo de Palmela | Pousada Vila de Óbidos | Pousada Castelo de Óbidos | Pousada de Ourém

ALENTEJO:Pousada Castelo Alcácer do Sal | Pousada Convento de Évora | Pousada Convento Vila Viçosa | Pousada Convento de Arraiolos | Pousada Castelo de Estremoz | Pousada Convento de Beja | Pousada Marvão | Pousada Mosteiro do Crato

ALGARVE: Pousada de Sagres | Pousada Estoi | Pousada de Tavira | Pousada de Vila Real de Santo António

AZORES: Pousada Forte da Horta | Pousada de Angra do Heroísmo

MADEIRA:Pestana Churchill Bay

NORTHERN REGION: Pestana Palácio do Freixo | Pestana Vintage Porto | Pestana Porto - A Brasileira

LISBON: Pestana Palace | Pestana Cidadela Cascais

LISBON: Pestana CR7 Lisboa

MADEIRA: Pestana CR7 Funchal

NORTHERN REGION: Pestana Douro Riverside

LISBON:Pestana Cascais | Pestana Sintra Golf | Pestana Lisboa Vintage

ALGARVE:Pestana Alvor Praia | Pestana Dom João II | Pestana Alvor Beach Villas | Pestana Delfim | Pestana Alvor South Beach | Pestana Alvor Atlântico | Pestana Alvor Park | Pestana Viking | Pestana Vila Sol | Pestana Gramacho Residences | Pestana Carvoeiro Golfe - AL | Pestana Palm Gardens

AZORES: Pestana Bahia Praia

MADEIRA: Pestana Carlton Madeira | Pestana Casino Park | Pestana Promenade | Pestana Grand | Pestana Palms | Pestana Village | Pestana Miramar | Pestana Quinta do Arco | Pestana Fisherman Village| Pestana Royal | Pestana Porto Santo | Pestana Colombos | Pestana Ilha Dourada

6. How do I obtain my Voucher once I have paid?
You can choose to have your Voucher delivered in physical or digital format at the time of your purchase.
•Physical Vouchers are delivered by CTT Expresso to the address provided at the time you complete your purchase. Deliveries to Mainland Portugal and the Islands may take 48 hours (business days) from the date of payment. International deliveries may take up to 12 days.
•Digital Vouchers are delivered to the e-mail address provided in the purchase process as soon as your payment has been confirmed.
If you pay through an ATM at the weekend, confirmation of payment will only reach us on the first subsequent business day, meaning your Voucher will only be sent after this date. There are no deliveries at weekends.

7. How long are the vouchers valid for? Can it be extended?
Your Voucher is valid for 12 months and can´t be extended; it will be cancelled automatically once the expiry date has passed.

8. Can I exchange or return a voucher or ask for a refund?
Vouchers can´t be exchanged or returned once opened.
Returns - up to 15 days after the date of purchase. Exchanges - up to 30 days prior to the expiry date. The exchange value must be greater than the original purchase value upon presentation of the invoice. We do not exchange Vouchers purchased at retail outlets. Vouchers can´t be exchanged for cash or for any product or service other than that purchased. Refunds - Vouchers are non-refundable through the use of a service with a lower value.

9. How do I book?
You MUST PRE-BOOK if you wish to use a Voucher.
1. Go to the pestana.com website
2. Choose a Pousada or Hotel
3. Choose your dates
4. Type the number next to the bar code into the "Special Prices" field
5. Conclude the booking
Handing over the Voucher at the time of use is MANDATORY. If the absence thereof, your stay will be charged in accordance with the rate available on pestana.com

10. Can I use more than 1 Voucher per booking?
You can only use 1 Voucher per booking and they can´t be combined with other discounts or promotions in force.

11. Can I make a booking while the Voucher is valid and stay at the pousada/hotel after the 12-month period?
No. You need to check-out within the 12-month period, after which your Voucher will have expired.

12. Am I entitled to an extra bed?
Vouchers are valid for 2 guests in a Standard room. If you intend to book for more people, including children, your Voucher will be valid to obtain a discount.

13. Can I cancel my booking?
Vouchers are valid for 2 guests in a Standard room. If you intend to book for more people, including children, your Voucher will be valid to obtain a discount.

The Pestana Hotel Group may close hotels on a temporary or permanent basis due to reasons of force majeure, in which case the hotel(s) in question will be temporarily excluded from the scope of this agreement. The Pestana Group will always undertake to forward requests to other hotels when justified.